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That 1 Guy - 04-03-2010: The Beat Kitchen~Chicago, ILL
That 1 Guy - 04-03-2010:  The Beat Kitchen~Chicago, ILL
Photos by:  Cory Giacalone  [View More]
Concert Review by Cory Giacalone on 4/13/2010   

That 1 Guy came to Chicago and treated a small number of people to some out of this world music. Pipe banging, shoe tapping and musically awing, Mike Silverman, better known as That 1 Guy brought a unique performance to the city. That 1 Guy is a one man band making an endless array of sounds from a 7 foot tall metal pipe “futuristic gutbucket”, capable of functioning as a Bass, Percussion Set (even though there is a separate snare set),  electronic musical sampler and many other sounds which contribute to the tunes. Not only does he transform a 7 foot metal pipe into an instrument also hooks up a cowboy boot to a amplifier and makes music from it. This jazz groomed musician looked for a way to express himself in a fashion envisioned and the outcome doesn’t disappoint.

That 1 Guy has been playing for countless audiences and performing at festivals such as Big Day Out, Glastonbury, Monterrey Jazz Festival, Lowlands, Wakarusa and many more. Originality is put into each performance for this show was just as unique as any other, because he brings a special kind of “energy” to the table, making each performance it’s own! I missed his solo performance last year at Summer Camp Music Festival, but catching later that day during the festival of him team up with Buckethead was probably the craziest and weirdest performance of the weekend, with most of their whacky sounds created by That 1 Guy, I knew I should not miss the chance to see him when he came to town. The craziest of all songs played (in many peoples minds) was, “Weasel Pot Pie”, masterly he creates the sound of a whole band with his self made instrument the “Magic Pipe”, electronic buttons, three foot petals and a snare drum set, can't forget to mention the vocals with lyrics which seemed to have been conjured up on a massive journey through his mind. Not only does he make crazy inconceivable songs, but he makes insanely funky dance music, like “Forgotten Whales” which whirled up sounds of spacey tribal music by utilizing the loop machine and other crazy effect pedals. Realizing by this point his creative genius, I was in awe inspired bliss with the show, as he interacted with the audience as if he was talking to each person, one on one, making smiles and putting laughter in the air along with the music.  It was clear that the audience wasn’t the only one that was having fun! The thing about That 1 Guy is that he just doesn't appeal to one type of crowd or scene of music, there were kids from punk rocker scene with gearing with some Slayer T-Shirts, the hippies with their long hair or dreads that had seen his perfomance probably at one of the many summer festivals that he plays and even the business man with the tight haircuts were in attendance to check out, this artistically elevated musician. This displays that the music he creates, isn't just one type of music, its a culmination of all things crazy and all things good that should be in music, but is rarely seen in this day and time.

Mike Silverman, or better known as “That 1 Guy” says, “I like being my own person, I didn’t set out to be a weirdo but I’m starting to embrace it.” This concept intertwined with learning at San Francisco Conservatory of Music as a jazz major brings endless possibilities to the music.  That 1 Guy brings it all, the visual appeal with instrumental music talent and definitely the wow factor! That 1 Guy combines multiple musical genre’s and transforms them into his own musical vision, capable of producing some of the most astonishing music made today!

Photos by: Cory Giacalone  
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