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Contest Ended:  November 19, 2005

This contest has ended
Congratulations to:

Michael Trombley of
Rutland, VT

Louis Iatarola of
Philadelphia, PA

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Johnny Neel & Criminal Element - Vol. 1 ...
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Juggling Suns - Tranzmutation CD
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The New Deal - Live: Toronto, 7.16.2009 ...
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NEW! Live in Peace Tee
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Squat - Recycled 1994 - 2004 CD
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Natty Nation - Earth Citizen CD

As a followup to its auspicious, self-titled debut from 2000, Project Z unleashes with wreckless abandon on a program of purely spontaneous music that is as daring as it is dazzling. Recorded live at Zac studios in Atlanta, Lincoln Memorial is audacious and strictly in-the-moment, full of virtuosic turns from all the participants in this musical free-for-all, with allusions to electric Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler, Allan Holdsworth and Col. Bruce Hampton along the way. Joining the core group of guitarist Jimmy Herring, bassist Ricky Keller and drummer Jeff Sipe in this adventurous, no-holds-barred outing are keyboardist Jason Crosby and acclaimed Blue Note recording artist and producer Greg Osby. The crescendos are orgasmic, the collective improv telepathic. Music this subversive never sounded so good. --Bill Milkowski

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